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Body Sanctum Day Spa offers massage, spa packages, facials and beauty treatments in a tranquil environment; an experience; a place to rejuvenate, relax and let your cares just float away.

Recently renovated, we have created an urban oasis with an atmosphere that is warm, inviting, soothing and an escape from the busy adventures that Queenstown offers.

Take a holiday from your busy life and let the hands of our expert therapists work their magic. We all know that in today’s environment, our lives are just forever busy, we never have enough time! Body Sanctum has been designed with all this and especially you in mind. We have designed our extensive menu to offer express treatments to luxury indulgence, whatever you desire and whatever time you have. Allow our experienced staff take you to another world…You deserve it!

The Ritual

Our Story

Body Sanctum Day Spa is an award-winning spa in the heart of Queenstown. The brand was established in 1999, expanding into Queenstown’s very first and exclusive Day Spa.

Since opening on July 31st 1999, Body Sanctum have become Queenstown’s largest independent Day Spa and have a team of 20+ staff across our Day Spa in the town centre and the Beauty Lounge in Frankton. The Beauty Lounge was established in 2010 offering an advanced skincare menu.

To this day, our strict hiring policy ensures the highest level of quality across our team of internationally trained therapists, ensuring the quality of treatments at our Spa.

Take a moment for yourself and relax at Body Sanctum Day Spa, Queenstown.

Our Team

Meet the Front Line

Spa Manager


About Dani >

Our Experts

Meet the Remedial Massage Therapists

Remedial Therapist


About Maria >

Remedial Massage Therapist

Maria 🇵🇭

Maria is one of our very talent spa and remedial therapists here at body sanctum, born and raised in Manila, the Phillipines. Maria has always had a passion for looking after others within wellness.

Her studies started off in care giving back in 2006 with TESDA then progressed into therapeutic massage in 2010 this giving Maria over 10 years in the industry! Maria is an incredibly dedicated and hard working lady and thus reflecting her her outstanding feedback and regulars who get to experience a treatment by the hands of her.

As her career has grown and evolved, Maria’s main passion within wellness would Remedial massage therapies, she will up see the challenge with excitement and get you feeling your best self again!

Favourite treatment to give – Remedial Massage and Hot Stones Massage.

Favourite Treatment to receive – Hot stone massage followed by a beautiful Pure Fiji Vitamin C facial!

Favourite Product – Pure Fiji Vitamin C Range

Fun fact – I love to rest and watch Korean movies and listen to love songs. 🙂

Body Sanctum Member since: July 2020

Remedial Therapist


About Josephine >

Massage Therapist

Josephine 🇵🇭

Very passionate and hard-working massage therapist. Josephine takes pride in all customers feedback to provide the best service she can, making sure to go above and beyond with her clients expectations.

Josephine´s love for massage started back home in Phillipines, where she completed her training on DEPED and TESDA, she then came to New Zealand for adventure, doing many different jobs, but she knew her passion was wellness and massage therapy.

She aims to grow in her field and continuously provide exceptional experiences

Did you know?

Favourite Treatment to give:  Josephine´s favourite treatment at Body Sanctum to give is the Luxury Escape package, 90 minutes of luxury treatment that consists in 30 min Foot Revival, 30 min Massage and 30 min Manuka Honey Facial, full relaxation.

Favourite Treatment to receive: Full body relaxation massage and all the Pure Fiji facials.

Favourite Product: Pure Fiji Moringa and Guava range, the smell is devine!

Fun Fact: Loves cooking, traveling and art & craft

Body Sanctum team member since: March 2022

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Beauty & Massage Therapist


About Jenny >

Beauty & Massage Therapist

Jenny 🇲🇾

Kia Ora, my name is Jenny!

I am originally from Malaysia. I am an experienced massage and beauty therapist with over 10 years in this industry. I have dedicated my career to enhancing the well-being of my clients, and my specialty lies in therapeutic massage. I take pride in addressing my clients’ pain points and providing effective relief, whether it’s deep tissue, relaxation, or aromatherapy massage. I tailor each session to their unique needs.

In addition to massage, I offer a range of beauty services such as facials, waxing, pedicures, and manicures. Seeing my clients leave with smiles and a sense of well-being is my greatest reward.

Favourite Treatment to Give: Jenny’s favourite treatment is our 90 minute Luxury Escape Spa Package.

Favourite Treatment to Receive: Jenny’s favourite treatment to receive is the Luxury Escape with added Hot Stones! 

Favourite Product: Pure Fiji Sugar Rub and Body Butter because it smells incredible and leaves your skin feeling smooth. 

Fun Fact: Jenny loves travelling, metting new people and eat good food. During winter she likes snowboarding and likes to do some hiking during summer.  

Body Sanctum team member since: March 2024

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Our Team

Meet the Spa & Massage Therapists

Spa Therapist


About Lela  >

Beauty Therapist

Kelera 🇫🇯

I am Leyla from the tropical isles of Fiji. I am a Spa/Beauty Therapist by profession.  I have had more than 20yrs of experiences in the Spa industry mainly based at 5/6 stars Hotels and Resorts back home. Helping clientele to feel pampered, beautiful and healthy is my passion and that passion is seeing the work I do.
” The first impression counts and the last would be a memorable one “
My interpersonal and customer service skills are one of my greatest assets and I enjoy interacting with clients in a fast paced Spa environment.  I am grateful for the opportunity to join Body Sanctum to bring my positive energy and share my talents with the Team. For Personal growth and development- I love to learn new things and take advantage of any opportunities that I may have.

Did you know?

Favourite Treatment to give: Lela’s favourite Body Sanctum treatment to give are Facials, Waxing and Massage.

Favourite Treatment to receive: Oh Yes why not getting pampered. Well Therapist deserves to get the treatment done as well. I would love to tailor made my treatment. Begin with Full BodyScrub, follow with Full Body Relaxing Massage and complete with Pure Fiji Vitamin C Facial.

Favourite Product: Lela’s favourite product at the spa is Pure Fiji – Vitamin C Facial Range- The Powerhouse for glowing skin  as the Vitamin C brightening Oil – super concentrate Vitamin C Oil.  Lightweight oil delivers an instant radiance on your face skin & Vitamin C brightening Creme – visibly brighten skin and reduces signs of aging with a powerful blend of pure Vitamin C and lime caviar.

Fun Fact: Lela loves meeting new people, socialising and adventure. She used to be a Pure Fiji Trainer back in Fiji as well!

Body Sanctum team member since: September 2022

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Beauty Therapist


About Kisi  >

Beauty Therapist

Akisi 🇫🇯

Hi! I am from a beautiful island in the Pacific called Fiji. I studied Beauty Therapy at the South Pacific Academy of Beauty Therapy in Fiji in 2000. I’ve been in this industry for more than 20 years!. I’ve worked in the Cook Islands straight after graduating from the Beauty School for 5 years and then I went back to Fiji working at various resorts before coming to Queenstown.

Una, my old friend from school recommended me to come and join the team here at Body Sanctum. And thats why I am here in this beautiful country.

Favourite Treatment to give: Kisi’s favourite treatment at Body Sanctum is ‘Little Peace & Quiet’ , 1 hour massage & 1 hour facial! Total bliss.

Favourite Treatment to receive: A good deep tissue massage.

Favourite Product: Pure Fiji Moringa Exotic Oil because it smells incredible and leaves your skin feeling smooth.

Fun Fact: Kisi loves sightseeing, singing and meeting new people and friends.

Body Sanctum team member since: September 2022.

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Spa Therapist


About Litha >

Massage Therapist

Litha 🇫🇯

Hi! My name is Talica, but you can call me Litha. And I am from the lovely Fiji Islands.

I studied Beauty Therapy at the Beauty Academy in Fiji, year 2008 and straight after graduating (the same year) I started working at the various spa locations on the Islands Resorts, Hotels and cruise-ships. I have been doing massage, facials, beauty treatments for the past 14 years! WOW! and I am still very passionate about the industry.

Thanks to the invitation of one of my work colleague who asked me if I was interested in applying for a spa therapist position at Body Sanctum, I gladly got in a place I never thought I’d step foot one day. The paradise of Queenstown. Making New Zealand my first ever  overseas country I’ve worked for.

Favourite Treatment to give: Litha’s favourite Body Sanctum treatment to give is facials. But she still loves all beauty/ body treatments.

Favourite Treatment to receive: Litha’s loves to get a good full body massage.

Favourite Product: Litha’s favourite Body Sanctum product is the Pure Fiji Body Butter, Once applied the skin instantly feels moisturised, soft and glowy!

Fun Fact: Litha loves to socialize with the right crowd of people, adventurous and a very sporty person.

Body Sanctum team member since: October 2022

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Beauty Therapist


About Joselin  >

Beauty Therapist

Joselin 🇨🇱

Joselin is one of our beauty therapist here at Body Sanctum, Born and raised in Chile her original studies were in international food but she realised her passion was more towards Natural cosmetics and professional cosmetology. As she embarked on her studies, her passion for skin care and wellness blossomed. Joselin loves being able to help improve her clients skin especially with clients that experience acne-prone skin and are looking to make some improvements for healthier, glowing skin!

Joselin is definitely an all rounder, so much so that you’ll find her at Body Sanctum and our sister business The Beauty lounge.

Did you know?

Favourite Treatment to give: Massage, Facials and body exfoliations.  I love all the treatment <3

Favourite Treatment to receive: Joselin’s favourite treatment to receive is a good massage.

Favourite Product: Joselin’s favourite product at Body Sanctum is the Pure Fiji Hyaluronic Booster. Super hydrating and nourishing for the skin.

Fun Fact: I am currently studying imagine design in my quiet time and I love non spicy food and watching lots of movies!

Body Sanctum team member since: February 2023

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Spa Therapist


About Sulu >

Spa Therapist

Sulu 🇫🇯

Hi! My name is Sulueti. I started my Spa Career in early 2000 back home in Fiji in one of the 5 star luxury hotel. Being in this industry for more than 20 years my main focus is promoting & upholding the vision of the company I work for and ensuring highest levels of guest satisfaction are always achieved.

Favourite Treatment to give: I love massage as well as beauty treatments!

Favourite Treatment to receive: Our signature deep tissue massage, for all of it’s glorious benefits! Massage therapists need massages too 🙂

Favourite Product: Pure Fiji Facial Vitamin C Range! It is amazing!

Fun Fact: Sulu loves travelling, socialising & watching movies!

Body Sanctum team member since: July 2023

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Massage Therapist


About Editha  >

Massage Therapist

Editha 🇵🇭

Hi I’m Editha from the Philippines. I worked at Bioessence Philippines for almost nine years as a massage therapist.

While I was working, I was also studying and attending training at tesda and DOH so I got my license as a massage therapist. Now I’m here in New Zealand for an adventure and luckily I got into Body Sanctum Spa as a massage therapist.

I am happy to be part of Body Sanctum family, even thought I’m new here, they didn’t make me feel that I’m new, they treated me as family.

Favourite treatment to give – Relaxation Massage and Hot Stone Massage

Favourite Treatment to receive – Hot stone massage and a good Deep tissue massage! 

Favourite Product – Pure Fiji Exotic Oil. So hydrating and they all smell amazing!

Fun fact – I love watching sunsets and ice cream mango flavour :)!

Body Sanctum Member since: November 2023

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Massage Therapist


About Ruby >

Massage Therapist

Ruby 🇵🇭

My name is Ruby, and I’ve been passionate about massage therapy for over 20 years. Originally from the Philippines, I discovered my love for this profession early on, and it has been my joy ever since.

I am proud to hold qualifications from reputable institutions, including the Hilot Wellness Massage NC11. Additionally, I completed a comprehensive massage training course in Quezon City, as well as further training at the Massage King Training Centre in 2005.

I am dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and expertise to each client I have the pleasure of working with. Looking forward to the opportunity to bring relaxation and wellness into your life.

Favourite Treatment to give: Ruby’s favourite Body Sanctum treatment to give is full body relaxation massage. 

Favourite Treatment to receive: Gisele’s favourite Body Sanctum treatments to receive is a 90 minutes massage with scalp massage included.

Favourite Product: Ruby’s favourite Body Sanctum product is the Pure Fiji Exotic Oil because it’s 100% natural and once applied the skin instantly feels moisturised.

Fun Fact: Ruby loves cooking and watching movies.

Body Sanctum team member since: April 2024.

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Our chosen skincare ranges

About Our Brands

At Body Sanctum Day Spa, we’ve spent more than 20 years trialling the brands that we know work. Our ranges include advanced cosmedical ranges as well as all natural, vegan, cruelty free and locally sourced products.

Plant-based Skincare

Pure Fiji

Pure Fiji offers you a complete line of natural beauty therapies containing uniquely Fijian plant extracts – hand selected to guarantee their highest quality. Pure plant-based, vegan and 100% cruelty free. Every purchase of a Pure Fiji product helps communities to thrive in Fiji.

Advanced Skincare

O Cosmedics

O Cosmedics is formulated with potent, active ingredients in their purest form and no nasties. We are Australian made, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, and focus on functional, results-driven actives in their highest recommended dose to ensure only the best outcome for your skin. O Cosmedics treats skin with vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and active ingredients set in biomimetic bases to accelerate healing and rejuvenation. Australian made, cruelty free, gluten and vegan friendly.

Uniquely Kiwi Products

Pure Source – Rotorua Thermal Mud

Rotorua Thermal Mud is a very unique product and is only present in a small part of the world where the thermal activity connects with the surrounding native environment.

Rotorua Thermal Mud contains a range of trace elements, like Sulphur, Calcium, Sodium and Silicon. These minerals are known to be very effective in boosting the natural processes of the skin, they can also help ease aches and muscle pains and provide a wonderful feeling of tranquility.


NZ Glacial Clay

New Zealand Glacial Clay has a unique mineral makeup, formed over 3 million years ago from ancient volcanic ash and glacial ice. New Zealand Glacial Clay deeply penetrates the pores removing bacteria and excess oil and delivering rejuvenating minerals to your skin. The abundance of silica and other minerals within our clay is beneficial for all skin types, helping to improve collagen production, skin elasticity and reduce inflammation. When used regularly, skin becomes brighter, clearer and experiences better moisture retention.
NZ Glacial Clay

Natural Skincare

Skin Deep – Manuka Honey

Skin Deep skincare products encapsulate the essence of New Zealand, naturally.

Powerfully formulated skincare utilising New Zealand UMF™ Manuka Honey and Manuka & Kanuka oils.

Advanced Skincare & Beauty

With the latest advanced technologies, cosmeceutical product ranges and highly trained internationally qualified therapists, we’re able to treat any skin condition in a discreet, relaxed and luxury Spa environment with fantastic views over the Remarkables.

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