Pre-existing injuries, a shaky first day on the slopes or bambi-like legs getting back into the ski season?

With the Queenstown ski season fully flourishing, there are plenty of reasons why massage, now more than ever, should be your best friend… Our expert massage therapists at Body Sanctum have compiled a list of 10 key benefits of massage for all of you seasonnaires/newbies/holiday-makers out there enjoying New Zealand’s finest Alpine resort location.

Luckily for you, we’re here with a brand new ‘SKI & BOARD’ Massage Packages to retune your muscles, speed-up your recovery time and get you back out there to continue shredding. The ‘Skiers Relief’ is a whole n’other level of apres-ski massage: Deep tissue massage, focussing on your sore areas, combined with soothing aromatherapy oils and a magical cream to calm inflammation (Antiflamme) will give you all the feels. Heated beds, steaming hot towels, cozy blankets and warm toasty rooms will leave you feeling like a marshmallow on a bed of clouds…

Common Skiing Injuries

Skiing happens to be one of the most injury-ridden recreational sports that many of us enjoy on a regular basis. How many of you have experienced that twisted-knee injury? Knee injuries actually make up about 35%* of all skiing-related injuries and happen all too easily, even if you weren’t shredding it down the slopes… Aside from other common injuries like sprained thumbs, wrists, shoulders and of course the broken collar bone (all of which you should definitely go to hospital for), we see bruises in their multitudes, sore backs, tight leg muscles and overworked bodies in general.

Preventing Skiing Injuries

Easier said than done… Try getting yourself into better shape before hitting the slopes. Attempting 14 runs on day one (like I did) without any prior exercise, results in some serious leg burn and glutes that feel like you’ve been forced to perform a thousand squats in under a minute. Enhancing your flexibility, strength, endurance, cardio and balance will definitely give you the edge. Even so though, nothing can quite prepare you for the early-season aches, no matter how experienced you are!

Look familiar? Early season injuries are certainly not few and far between, I achieved this little beauty on day one of hitting the slopes this year, pounding my body to complete 14 runs… Cue massage.

If there’s one thing you should definitely be doing, even at home, it’s massage. Staying injury free is the best way to enjoy the entire season or your ski holiday (obviously) and massage is the perfect end to a hard day out on the slopes, soothing those aching muscles and getting you back into shape to get you back onto the slopes for the next day. It’s actually very important to nip those aches in the bud to prevent more serious injuries so read on for our top 10 benefits and then give us a call to see how a post-ski massage will change your world…

10 Benefits of Massage

  1. Reduce muscle soreness and tension – remedial massage therapies like sports massage and deep tissue massage can help to relax tense and tired muscles.
  2. Reduce recovery time – Deep tissue massage reduces muscle recovery time, allowing you to get back out there!
  3. Improve flexibility – Relaxing the muscles through massage can limber you up helping to prevent common injuries.
  4. Improve circulation – Swedish massage techniques improve blood flow, ultimately aiding muscles recovery.
  5. Improve joints and range of motion – Sports massage techniques target specific tissues and ligaments around your joints increasing your mobility.
  6. Increase relaxation and sleep quality – We all know that massage is great for relaxation, the warm environment and hot oils relax both your body and mind bit during and after the massage.
  7. Reduce anxiety – The therapeutic benefits of massage can have a calming effect for any anxieties you may be dealing with.
  8. Reduce blood pressure – Swedish massage can help to improve heart health.
  9. Improve body awareness (proprioception) – Massage can help improve body awareness, giving you greater control over those flailing limbs as you tumble down the slopes.
  10. Promote connective tissue healing – Any increase in recovery time will help you get back out there.

Stats from the *American Massage Therapy Association,

Massage Styles at Body Sanctum

Swedish Massage 

A traditional Swedish relaxation massage using long & flowing, kneading strokes, leaving you with an overall sense of wellbeing.

Remedial and Sports Massage

Remedial massage therapy is aimed at looking deeper into recovery methods and getting you back on track with movement and range of motion. It’s effective to prevent and treat muscle injuries, pain and soreness.

Deep Tissue Massage

A customized massage for the active athlete or individual wanting more detailed body work on specific muscle groups.

Massage can have huge benefits pre, during and post skiing. In our opinion, it’s essential if you’re keen to

a. Look after your body and

b. Be able to get peak performance in for the whole season or holiday.

Warming up and loosening muscles before hitting the slopes and relieving the aches and pains post-ski is a no-brainer! Your body will thank you, we promise.

Call us to pre-book your massage or pop in to experience the best massage in Queenstown.
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