Feeling a bit congested in the head? Pain or pressure in your forehead, behind your eyes and/or nose? Do you have ear pain or aching in your upper jaw and teeth? These can be labeled as sinus pain symptoms.


What are your Sinuses?

Your sinuses are hollow cavities in your skull that can become inflamed and produce mucus due to a cold, allergies, another illness, long flights, or even the changing seasons. 

Where are your Sinuses?

The sinuses are located in the frontal lobe right above the eyebrows called the frontal sinus, along the nose called the ethmoid sinus, and on both sides of the nose between the maxillary bone and zygomatic bone called the maxillary sinus. 

Sinus Massage as an Alternative

Although many may find themselves at the pharmacy buying over the counter medication to relieve sinus discomfort, an alternative option worth considering is sinus massage. The goal of sinus massage is to help drain the congestion in the sinuses with the use of pressure and massage strokes.

4 Massage Techniques for Sinus Pressure Relief

  1. An easy technique is to put pressure on the sinus for about 20 seconds. When you release, you can sometimes feel some drainage and relief of pressure. 
  2. Another technique is light tapping. This can help dislodge mucus and help with drainage as well.
  3. A third technique is to do some massage. This can be in the form of small circular motions or a sideways motion. The goal is to feel some pressure relief as well as for it to feel good. 
  4. A final technique is to use hot and cold therapy. Warmth increases blood flow while cold constricts the blood vessels. Bringing blood to the area can bring in nutrients and help keep the tissue healthy, while cold can numb the area allowing you to use a little more pressure. 

Check out our video below to watch how Remedial Massage Therapist, Alexa performs a simple sinus massagee.

Our #MassageMonday video shows these techniques and how you can use them on either yourself or someone else to offer some pain relief. You can also ask your therapist to spend some time giving you a sinus massage when you book in at the spa, as all of our massages are completely customised to your needs. 

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