The Art Of Doing Nothing… Chloe Davis

Nails chipped? Eyebrows out of control? Two lashes hanging on for dear life? tan faded so much you practically look translucent? continuous confusion in your head as to why an earth beauty therapy isn’t considered an “essential skill”!?! We’ve been asking ourselves the same questions!

Well we could bore you to death with stay at home beauty hacks; 17 ways of how to relax at home after spending every living moment staring at the same 3 people within the same 4 walls but I am sure you are already aware lighting a candle isn’t going to “melt” your troubles away, nor is continuously worrying about your overgrown brows, stubborn black heads or your hairy legs!

Our advice? Rediscover your skin, let it breath! Once an upon a time your complexion may have been oily or dry but takeaway pollution and makeup for 4 weeks you may discover an entirely new person under there! Free that body hair we say!! You will never get a cleaner wax than after 4 weeks of growth. 

Never had the chance to grow your brows out and completely reshape them? Welcome to lockdown 2020.

In a world obsessed with keeping busy, spending your time wisely, being productive, learning new skills, pushing yourself to the limit and making every second count for once in our short lives let’s stop and do nothing and not feel guilty about it for after all we are surviving a pandemic and that is enough. 

So embrace the unkempt person staring back at you in the mirror; welcome them with open arms because they won’t be round for long and from the entire team at Body Sanctum we cannot wait to be reacquainted with the “new” you!

Chloe, Spa Host xx

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